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Services Overview

With the blessing of Allah (SWT) and your kind support; Alhumdulillah! As of August 10th, 2012; we have opened a Trainer Center for Blind Students in Karachi, Pakistan. We have opened a training center for blind students in Karachi, Pakistan. The Center is interfaith. The training we offer varies from Hafiz-ul Quran, basic/advance computer skills, call-center-training, braille language development, beads crafting skills for sisters (cooking classes as well), free transportation for select students, and we provide scholarships for blind orphan students. Also, food and rent are provided to selected families who do not have an adult skilled worker in the household nor a source of income.

The Training Center needs a school bus!  for young blind students. The cost of the school bus (in United States Dollar) is $8,000. You can sponsor any amount or whole amount. Please email me at or call me directly at (832) 858-4127

Training Center Information: 
A. 10, Block 4A
Abul Hassan Ispahani Road
Karachi, Pakistan.

Calling from Pakistan
Phone number: 021-348-18-427
Br. Hafizullah (Campus Manager): 0321-2984-191

Calling from outside Pakistan:
Land line: 011-92-21-348-18-427

We are moving from initial to working stages!,
Besides just basic educational support,  and providing tools for traditional education, for those in areas where their faith needs for them to learn Arabic to read Qur'an, we intend to provide them with pens that help in this matter, here is one of the many items available in the market for the blind Muslims,Quran and Arabic Reading Pen






There are many technologies that exist to help different communities and culture, but generic ones include the Braille Displays, here is an example,

usb braille display for the blind as time goes by we will have our hands on other technologies and we will 'with GOD's grace' provide them to the needy as befits their location, and adaptability.



Organization Services

Currently Supporting 25 families
Current services we support 25 families with food, living space rent and also educational material. This includes 70 blind students and this is just the beginning.
We are able to do this with funds that we collect directly from our website (via Paypal) and through donations sent to our offices
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