The Training Center needs a school bus for young blind students. The cost of the school bus (in Karachi, Pakistan) is $8,000. You can sponsor any amount or whole amount. Please email me at or call me directly at (832) 858-4127

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Our Mission & Services

To reach out to the blind community and give them 'a hand up' and not 'a hand out'.  While 'hand out's' are common and can almost not be avoided as they need to exist in many situations, our mission is to work hard and support the blind community by giving them the tools and teaching them to fish, so they can fend for themselves. While this may seem like a simple task with pre-existing help in most of the Western World, there is still need in many communities both in the West and (more so) in third world countries, where children have to decide between going to school or going to beg for money to help support their families. In some cases schools do not even exist!

Intent  is to initially start by simply reaching out to the blind and handing them learning resources and encouraging them to visit available learning centers, especially the young and impressionable minds. In the long run, the idea is to set up an actual educational institution that will cater solely for the blind, so that when they graduate from every level they are confident and have means to support themselves and families with dignity.

Accomplishments  so far with financial support from a number of people in the USA and with the help of GOD, we have been able to set up initial physical operational office in the USA in Houston, Texas. The office was officially functional on December 7, 2011.

Our second office is actually our First International Office for operations and was open in Pakistan in the month of August 2012

Featured News

December, 2012
Helping Blind People . Org Opens a training center for poor blind students in Karachi, Pakistan!  With God's blessings and many peoples donations HBP is humbled to announce that we were able to open a training center for poor blind students in Karachi, Pakistan.
July, 2012
Helping Blind People . Org Goes international!  With all help from you, our supporters here in the USA, we were able to take the first big step towards realization of our mission and intent. We opened our first international office in Karachi, Pakistan.
March 26, 2012
Helping Blind People . Org in Pakistan Chronicles!  Please click on this link to read more about us from Pakistan.
December 7th, 2011
Helping Blind People . Org occupies a physical space!  As of December 7th 2011, we have an office that you can visit, if you feel more comfortable helping us in our mission.
August 11, 2011
Helping Blind People . Org goes live on line!  While our presence is known to local supporters around Houston area, it is more than obvious that the right path to take to further our mission is having presence on the 3W .
August 1, 2011
Helping Blind People . Org is born!
I’m Not Blind I Just Can’t See
Assalaamolaikum, my name is Zabeehullah Faiz, I am 23, years old and I have been blind since the age of ten...
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